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Conquer FND 

This online course from Anchored Health Psychology brings you information from FND expert, Dr. Davis VanderVeen, Ph.D., on how to conquer FND symptoms

What you'll learn

  • Understand the science of FND and how symptoms are a "miscommunication" of the nervous system

  • Taking the first steps to beating FND means making your nervous system as healthy as possible, things like diet, sleep, and exercise play an important role

  • Helps you learn strategies to quiet the nervous system and get the body and brain communicating better

  • Introduce tools and strategies that can help "rewire" the nervous system away from FND symptoms



Time Commitment: 






1-3 hours/week 





Course Description

In this online course from Anchored Health Learning, Dr. VanderVeen brings you a 6-step plan for improving functional neurologic symptoms. In this course you will learn about how the nervous system starts to send FND symptoms, what you can do to reduce these symptoms, and start to get your life back. 

Every tip, technique, and fascinating fact is explained through engaging slides, charts, videos and interactive learning tools. You'll get printable worksheets and downloadable exercises you can try to conquer FND once and for all. 


Course Outline: 

  1. Module 1: All About FND

  2. Module 2: Lowering the "Threat" of FND

  3. Module 3: Quieting the Nervous System

  4. Module 4: Help Your Mind Help You

  5. Module 5: Getting Back Into Life

  6. Module 6: Doing What Matters

Another day of waking up, wondering…

What am I in for today?

You haven’t always had functional neurological symptoms, but now you plan your life around them.

No more coffee in the morning because that ramps up seizures.

Can’t move too fast… because that could trigger paralysis.

Don’t look at open spaces, or you’ll get dizzy.

You’re walking on eggshells in your own body!

To make things even worse…

Your neurologist may have diagnosed these problems, but they aren’t the ones treating them.

“Go see a psychologist.”

So, here you are… trying to figure out how on earth a psychologist can help.

Is this all in your head?

No, it’s not “all in your head.”

Psychogenic non-epileptic spells or seizures (PNES), persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD), and functional movement disorders all fall under the umbrella term of “functional neurological symptoms.”

Whereas a spinal cord injury or epilepsy could be considered a “hardware problem,” functional neurological symptoms are more of a “software problem.” That is, there’s more of a problem with how your nervous system communicates with you.

You’re having miscommunications and misfires… not “making things up.”

Break free from this nightmare

The FND Course leads you through a step-by-step guide to overcome FND

Using research-based methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mind-body connection exercises, mindfulness, and relaxation, this program will help you make FND a thing of the past

As your symptoms fade and become easier to manage, things like driving, exercising, working, and traveling will become possible again

About Anchored Health Learning

Anchored Health Learning was developed for one reason: to empower people with functional neurological symptoms. The FND Program aims to help people on their journey to recovery from FND. 

Founded by Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr. Davis VanderVeen, Ph.D., the online program through Anchored Health Learning aims to help you overcome functional neurological symptoms. Rooted in the most up-to-date science, this program will give you the information, tools, and confidence you need to take back control of your life. 


If you are interested in individual treatment, please contact Dr. VanderVeen at

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