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-Conquering FND-


This online course will give you the information and tools you need to rewire your nervous system to minimize or eliminate FND symptoms. What you'll learn: Module 1: All About FND - You'll learn about the background to this diagnosis, and why it's so hard to find effective treatments -You'll learn the most up-to-date understanding of FND and different types of symptoms - You'll learn about the mind-body connection and the importance of feeling safe in your body Module 2: Lowering the "Threat" of FND -We'll discuss how to feel safe in your body -We'll discuss what others can do to help -You'll practice a few meditations to feel safe in your body Module 3: Quieting the Nervous System - You'll learn how an overactive nervous system contributes to FND symptoms - I'll guide you through several relaxation exercises to quiet the mind and body - You'll learn about the "boom and bust" activity pattern that keeps the nervous system overactive Module 4: Help Your Mind Help You -You'll learn about the importance of thoughts in how we function - You'll learn how to identify unhelpful thinking patterns - You'll learn many strategies psychologists use to help people with unhelpful thoughts Module 5: Getting Back Into Life - I'll discuss several useful tools to getting back into activities you may have pulled back from - You'll learn how to develop your own plan to returning to life Module 6: Doing What Matters - You'll learn how to identify what matters most - You'll learn how to structure your life to get the most meaning out of it - I'll introduce a powerful tool to help maintain the benefits you've gotten


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