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Complete Online FND Program

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People experience all sorts of functional neurological symptoms- non-epileptic seizures, paralysis, tics, tremors, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, pain, passing out, and so on. These types of symptoms can be thought of as "miscommunications" by the nervous system. There's an analogy that can be pretty useful- a hardware v software problem. When people experience neurological symptoms, there are deficits with how the nervous system is wired. When it comes to functional neurological symptoms, the "wiring" is fully intact, but the nervous system is miscommunicating. This course covers the strategies used to help the nervous system communicate more effectively. This program includes 1-year of access to: - Full online course with videos with information on key topics to manage FND - Exercises and audio files for you to practice to rewire the nervous system - Weekly FND Coaching sessions with Dr. VanderVeen



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