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Take Back Control From FND Symptoms

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About Anchored Health Learning

Anchored Health Learning was developed for one reason: to empower people with functional neurological symptoms. The FND Program aims to help people on their journey to recovery from FND. 

The first step on this journey is understanding more about FND and what treatment looks like. This is why the FND Pre-Treatment Workbook was developed. It gives information and some of the first steps you can take to move forward from FND. 

Dr. VanderVeen has developed several exercises to help rewire the nervous system, these are included in the Complete FND Program, but are also available as a stand-alone offering.

As part of the FND Program, Dr. VanderVeen offers weekly coaching sessions to get your questions answered and continue to guide you on the path to recovery. In these calls, you will receive coaching on how to best manage your symptoms, and build community and support with other people with FND symptoms. These weekly sessions are part of the Complete Online Program, but you can also participate in them if you are not part of the full program. 

Finally, the Complete Online FND Program was designed as a comprehensive approach to manage FND symptoms. This includes an online course with all sorts of information, techniques, tools, and exercises to take back control from FND symptoms. One year of access to the weekly FND Coaching Sessions ensures you will stay on the right path and have the support you need to move on from these symptoms. 

Founded by Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr. Davis VanderVeen, Ph.D., the online program through Anchored Health Learning aims to help you overcome functional neurological symptoms. Rooted in the most up-to-date science, this program will give you the information, tools, and confidence you need to take back control of your life. 


If you are interested in individual treatment, please contact Dr. VanderVeen at

Looking for treatment for your teen?
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